Revolution Donuts part 2: swatches & closeups!

As you might know, Revolution is one of my favourite brands when it comes to makeup. I’m also very tempted to give their skincare a go, but up until now I have only tried their makeup. A lot of their products are vegan and cruelty free, which is something I care about personally. It makes me not feel guilty about using their products!

A while ago, I think it was in October, I shared a blogpost about a series of donut-inspired eyeshadow palettes that Revolution had launched. I was all over them since the packaging is too cute for me to say no to. They also baked a second batch of palettes and as you can probably guess, I HAD to order them. So, here we are!

I’m sharing pictures, next to swatches that I made. I thought the shades looked beautiful and they were very pigmented! Let’s take a look…

The Revolution Donuts: custard fill – banoffee pie – chocolate custard

How cute are these? I must admit that the Custard fill palette is rather fragile because of the sprinkles. Some of them already fell of and I guess that they won’t stay on for a long time if you would be taking it with you on a holiday, popping it in a suitcase or maybe your handbag. That being said, they look so cute and lovely, not to say very yummy as well!

Custard fill palette
Custard fill swatches

The custard fill palette has shades I knew I would love immediately. All of these shades are shimmery so I don’t think I would do a look only using this palette, since I like using mattes shades in the outer corners of my eyes. I do feel like they are all very pigmented!

Chocolate custard palette
Chocolate custard swatches

How pretty are these shades? I’m in love with them! One of them is a matte shade (in the middle of the picture) and it’s a beautiful warm brown. I think there’s a nice combination of dark and lighter shades, even though you only have 5. The lightest shade will look beautiful as an inner corner highlight!

Banoffee pie palette
Banoffee pie swatches

This one I wouldn’t usually go for, but I thought it would be nice to pick something that’s not necessarily in my comfort zone. I feel like the black one is a matte shade, the others are shimmers. I really like the pinky-reddish one and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the grey and greenish, darker grey one in real life. I think you could create some stunning looks with them!

What’s your favourite eyeshadow palette?

Love, Axelle

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