11 ways to get into the Christmas spirit

Hello everybody! It’s December already and Christmas is right around the corner! This time of year I feel incredibly festive and I’m sharing how I get in the Christmas spirit every year. Hopefully you will feel a little bit more festive after reading the things I do.

  1. Put up the Christmas tree and decorate with your favourite ornaments. This is a fairly obvious one, but I feel like there is so much choice when it comes to decorations! There are so many types of baubles and other decorations, not to mention the choice in lights! Personally, my ultimate Christmas tree has red decorations, which is rather traditional in colour. I also really like trees that are decorated with a lot of lights.
  2. Go to a Christmas market. Drink some hot chocolate whilst you’re there (or mulled wine) and enjoy the atmosphere. I really like to put on my warm coat, my gloves and stroll around to see what the market has to offer.
  3. Listen (and sing along loudly) to Christmas songs. Yes, the same ones are repeated over and over again every year, but isn’t that part of the charm?
  4. Buy your presents in time and try to make them thoughtful. Personally, I try to start thinking about Christmas presents after the summer has ended. That way you start feeling a little bit festive already, but there’s no pressure of finding the right present immediately. Leaving it to the last minute just gives me stress!
  5. Attempt some Christmas baking. Pinterest is filed with gorgeous and delicious looking bakes. You can adapt something to be more fitting for Christmas (look- or taste-wise) or you can just go with a recipe of a bake that already looks festive. I’m thinking Christmas rolls, gingerbread men, … the list is endless!
  6. Spend some extra time with family and friends. Christmas for me has always been about family, celebrating with friends and enjoying spending time with each other. It’s the perfect excuse to go and see your mom, grandmother, aunt, … who you haven’t seen in a while because life just got in the way.
  7. Decorate your desk/office/room. When you go to work, it could be a fun idea to bring along a tiny Christmas tree that you and your colleagues can enjoy at work. When I was a student, I liked to decorate the space where I was studying so it also looked festive. You can get very creative and it doesn’t always have to be a full-on Christmas tree. Some lights could do the trick, you could add some leftover baubles to a vase, …
  8. Give your phone/laptop/… a Christmas makeover. I love to update my wallpapers to the season. This makes them feel new again and gives me a fresh feeling.
  9. Watch some Christmas movies. Netflix has released so many Christmassy movies and even a series about Christmas! I love snuggling up and watching a cheesy romcom with some popcorn during cold winter evenings. They just give me a warm and good feeling and they are perfect to get in the Christmas spirit!
  10. Buy an advent calendar. I love counting down the days until it’s Christmas Eve. That’s why I really like advent calendars. Nowadays you have advent calendars for everyone! There are ones filled with chocolates, beauty calendars, … I even saw calendars filled with wine or cheese! These are definitely not for children at all haha.
  11. Wear a Christmas sweater. I mean, why wouldn’t you wear one? I bought 3 comfy sweaters from H&M the other day and they are so festive! One of them is extremely Christmassy, being a red and white one with reindeer on it saying “Merry Kissmas”. The other ones are a bit more subtle but it’s up to you which ones you prefer!

What are some things you do to get into the Christmas spirit?

Love, Axelle

One Reply to “11 ways to get into the Christmas spirit”

  1. Every year we like to look at Christmas Lights and there are often local events that go big this way. The zoo has something called “Wild Lights” where they open part of the park up in the evening and display some spectacular lights. We bundle up, buy some cocoa or coffee, and walk around enjoying the beauty. 🙂


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