6 perfumes you need to discover

Hello! Today I’m sharing 6 of my favourite perfumes. All of them are very warm scents and are perfect for autumn or winter, although it’s really all I wear so technically they are perfect for all-year round. Let’s find out which perfumes I’m talking about!

One of my friends has a very similar taste in perfumes and she always asks me which ones I would recommend to her, so I decided it would be nice to just write a blogpost about it. Hopefully you will find your next favourite scent in this blogpost! I don’t have too much to say about these perfumes, only that I love them all.

1. REPETTO (eau de parfum)
notes: juicy plum, cherry blossom, almond, patchouli (source: Repetto website)

Repetto (eau de parfum)

2. POISON GIRL BY DIOR (eau de parfum)
notes: bitter lemon, the grasse rose, Venezuelan tonka bean (source: Dior website)

Dior Poison Girl (eau de parfum)

notes: Living Gunpowder/Benzoin Resinoid, Orange Flower, Tonka Bean (source: Viktor&Rolf website)

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb nectar (eau de parfum)

4. MADEMOISELLE BY ROCHAS (eau de parfum)
notes: jasmine, rose petals, red berries, pomme d’amour, sandelwood, musk, amber

Mademoiselle Rochas (eau de parfum)

5. PURE XS BY PACO RABANNE (eau de parfum)
notes: ylang-ylang, vanilla, popcorn accord, sandalwood and ambrette seed (source: Paco Rabanne website)

Paco Rabanne Pure xs (eau de parfum)

6. JIMMY CHOO (eau de parfum)
notes: caramel, Indonesian patchouli, orchid

Jimmy chop eau de parfum

I think if I really do have to pick a favourite it would be the Flowerbomb Nectar, followed by Poison Girl. I could be smelling these all day long. My everyday scent is Mademoiselle by Rochas because I personally think this perfume isn’t too expensive to be wearing every day in comparison to the other ones that I own.

What’s your favourite perfume of all time?

Love, Axelle

One Reply to “6 perfumes you need to discover”

  1. Great post! I find it extremely difficult searching for good perfumes in store and I’ll definitely keep these ones in mind!


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