Revolution Donuts swatches

A while back I heart Revolution brought out these extremely cute-looking donut eyeshadow palettes. As I am a sucker for makeup in lovely packaging, I decided to give them a go and ordered them online.

Revolution has 5 different variations of donut palettes, including browns, yellow, oranges, pinks and even blues! I went for 3 of them, since I rarely wear pink or blue eyeshadow shades.

When I opened up my package, I was so happy to see them. They look so cute and they are squishy, which makes them even more adorable. They are a little bit bulky to travel with, but they all have 5 lovely shades so you can create multiple looks. Each one has a combination of shimmers and mattes and they all include a shade you could use to highlight your inner corners.

They currently retail for €5,99, which I think is not expensive at all! I am already convinced that Revolution has a very good price-quality ratio. With Christmas coming soon, I feel like these palettes would make a nice present for someone (or they could be the perfect stocking filler).

Revolution donuts
chocolate dipped – maple glazed – strawberry sprinkles
chocolate dipped – maple glazed – strawberry sprinkles

These swatches were all made in natural lighting and are not edited. To make it easier to compare how the shades would look on you, my complexion is very light. I always use the lightest shades in foundations and concealers, which is why all of the shades show up on my skin.

Swatches of the chocolate dipped donut palette
Swatches of the maple glazed donut palette
Swatches of the strawberry sprinkles donut palette

What do you think of these palettes?

Love, Axelle

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