Lemon drizzle: swatches and closeup (I heart Revolution)

Hello you!

Today I’m sharing the swatches and closeup of a palette that I personally think looks amazing! As some of you might know, I am currently obsessed with yellow. I’ve been wearing so many yellow clothes and at first I had to get used to looking so bright, but now I am so happy I took the plunge. Same goes for eyeshadow! I have had this palette in my collection for a while now and I finally took some pictures and made some swatches! This palette has 18 shades: 8 shimmers and 10 mattes.

Note: My skin is very pale, I mostly use the lightest shades of foundations, concealers, … on my face. Sharing this might make it easier for you to estimate how shades would look on your skin, since some of them are pale but still show up on my skin tone.

These pictures are not edited and are taken in natural lighting.

The lemon drizzle packaging
The inside of the lemon drizzle palette

Here are the swatches of the palette:

Lemon drizzle swatches
Swatches row 1:
Afternoon tea – Just a bite – Sugar – Scrumptious – Butter – Baked
Swatches row 2:
Slice of cake – Lemon slice – Citrus – Fluffy – Tempting – Delicious
Swatches row 3:
Sunshine – Zestful – Tangy – Zingy – Sharp but sweet – Nothing but crumbs

‘Sugar’ and ‘sharp but sweet’ are nude shades for me, which is why they really don’t show up on my skin. I will be using these colours to set my eyes before adding on other colours. 2 shades I love are ‘afternoon tea’ and ‘sunshine’. I think they will look very nice as a transition shade. These are the type of colours I use in my crease and wear every single day. I’m very curious about the looks that I can create using ‘lemon slice’ and ‘citrus’. I have seen so many looks where people use red, but I’m a little bit scared it will make me look as if I got punched in the eye, so I will keep you updated about that!

Lemon drizzle palette
Lemon drizzle palette

Which shades grabs your attention right away?

Love, Axelle

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