Chocolate & peaches: swatches and closeup (I heart Revolution)

Hello lovely!

The end this week, I’m sharing swatches and a closeup of the ‘Chocolate and peaches’ palette from I heart Revolution/ I heart Makeup. This palette is a dupe for the Too Faced ‘sweet peach’ palette. I purchased this because of that reason. It is much more affordable than the high-end one and since I wasn’t too sure about the pinks, I thought it would be a safer bet. Looking at it now, I don’t know why I was scared that I wasn’t going to use this one so much. It only has 2 bright pink/peach shades in it and the rest are gorgeous neutrals that will look nice on everybody.

This palette has 16 shades; only 6 of them are completely matte.

Note: My skin is very pale, I mostly use the lightest shades of foundations, concealers, … on my face. Sharing this might make it easier for you to estimate how shades would look on your skin, since some of them are pale but still show up on my skin tone.

These pictures are not edited and are taken in natural lighting.

Packaging of the Chocolate and Peaches palette.

As always, the packaging fits the name and the idea behind the palette. It looks like a beautiful, peach-coloured, chocolate bar.

Closeup of the shades:
Delicious – Fruit – Soft – Choc – Delight
Sweet – Candy – Rich – Peach – Taste – Nice
Lush – Fine – Lucious – Keen – Satisfy

The newest palettes from Revolution have the names of the shades printed on the palette itself. This one has a separate transparant sheet where the names are printed on.

Swatches of row 1:
Delicious – Fruit – Soft – Choc – Delight
Swatches of row 2:
Sweet – Candy – Rich – Peach – Taste – Nice
Swatches of row 3:
Lush – Fine – Lucious – Keen – Satisfy
The chocolate and peaches palette.

As a neutrals lover, I’m mostly a fan of the bottom row and the shimmers like ‘Fruit’, ‘Candy’ and ‘Rich’. You can create absolutely beautiful everyday eyeshadow looks with this palette and I’ve used it a lot already. I haven’t touched any of the 4 most dark shades in the right upper corner because I don’t really know how to create a look with those. Green is a colour I’m scared to use, so I don’t think I will use it any time soon.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Which one is your favourite chocolate palette from Revolution?

Love, Axelle

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