Chocolate orange palette: swatches & closeup (I heart Revolution)


Firstly, I want to apologize that this blogpost is a day late. I didn’t have the time to write this post yesterday and didn’t want it to be rushed because I still believe that quality is more important than quantity. Today I’m sharing my number one eyeshadow palette. Yesterday I shared my number 2 (which was filled with nude shades) but this one is a lot more bright and perhaps more out of your comfort zone! When I first got this palette I wasn’t too sure I was going to use it a lot. I wanted it so badly because of all the wonderful orange shades, but felt a bit hesitant to actually use them.

The chocolate orange palette by I heart Revolution has become my absolute favourite palette that I’ve tried so far. It includes 16 eyeshadow shades: 6 shimmers and 10 mattes. I hope you are as excited as I am. Here we go!

Note: My skin is very pale, I mostly use the lightest shades of foundations, concealers, … on my face. Sharing this might make it easier for you to estimate how shades would look on your skin, since some of them are pale but still show up on my skin tone.

These pictures are not edited and are taken in natural lighting.

The chocolate orange palette packaging

The packaging fits the name: chocolate orange! This palette also smells really nice (as do the other chocolate palettes). This one obviously has an orange/ clementine scent.

Closeup of the shades:
It’s Mine – Clementine – Chocolate Orange – Ribbon – Silky Smooth
Gift – Tap it – Lush – Segment – Pip – Orange
Smash – Peel – Dessert – Nibble – In One

The newest palettes from Revolution have the names of the shades printed on the palette itself. This one has a separate transparant sheet where the names are printed on.

Swatches or row 1:
It’s Mine – Clementine – Chocolate Orange – Ribbon – Silky Smooth
Swatches of row 2:
Gift – Tap it – Lush – Segment – Pip – Orange
Swatches of row 3:
Smash – Peel – Dessert – Nibble – In One
The chocolate orange palette.

Every time I look at this palette, I fall in love. It might sound crazy, but these shades fit me so well. At first I thought some might be too bright, but I get so many comments of people loving my makeup whenever I’m wearing these colours. You can create a really vibrant look with the oranges, but you could also use the darker shades to darken it up if you want to.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Which one is your favourite chocolate palette from Revolution?

Love, Axelle

Take a look at the other I heart Revolution palettes that I wrote about. See you there!

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