New series: Chocolate eyeshadow palettes! (I heart Revolution)

I absolutely love the brand Makeup Revolution because of several reasons. First of all, the brand has a lot of exciting products. I’m especially a fan of I heart Revolution, which is part of Makeup Revolution. They have such cute products! Have you seen the new doughnut palettes they have released recently?

Anyway, the brand is extremely affordable and can be bought in the drugstore. All of their products are cruelty-free which I think is very important.

After Christmas I realized I have a lot of their chocolate palettes. 13 to be precise. They have so many different palettes available and I am sure everybody can find one that they like. They are all priced around €10, which I personally think is a good price. The colour pay-off is also very nice and I use the palettes on an everyday basis.

Golden bar – Strawberry cheesecake – Salted caramel – Macaroon – Nudes – Elixir – I heart chocolate
Naked – Chocolate & cranberries – Chocolate & peaches – Chocolate Orange – Lemon drizzle – Smores

I am busy sharing all of the palettes by taking closeups and sharing swatches. This post is an overview of where you can find all of the blogposts easily. Currently, I’m still adding them so not everything will be linked yet, but I’m updating this as I share the posts.

  1. Strawberry cheesecake palette
  2. Smores palette
  3. Chocolate and cranberries palette
  4. Golden bar palette
  5. Nudes palette
  6. Chocolate orange palette
  7. Chocolate & peaches
  8. Lemon Drizzle
  9. Coming soon
  10. Coming soon
  11. Coming soon
  12. Coming soon
  13. Coming soon

Have you ever tried products from Makeup Revolution?

Love, Axelle

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