Soph highlighter palette swatches and thoughts

Hello! This post is all about a collaboration between Sophdoesnails and Revolution beauty: the highlighter palette. In the beginning when people started to be a fan of highlighters, I wasn’t sure about the trend. I doubted for a very long time whether I was going to give it a go or not because I just didn’t seem to like the looks of it. Then I bought a contour palette which included a highlighter, so I started testing it out and then, when I got used to the look, I finally liked it. I went for a subtle glow first but now I’m exploring more shades and variations.

I thought I would go for this palette because it is drugstore (which equals an affordable price) and because it is a collaboration between Sophie and Revolution beauty. I truly love a lot of Revolution products and a few are even my everyday holy grails. Sophie is a YouTuber who I found a couple of months ago and she seems very genuine and sweet. From what I know, I think she is a wonderful person and I trust her opinions so I had no doubt that this palette would be a great purchase.

Note: My skin is very pale, I mostly use the lightest shades of foundations, concealers, … on my face. Sharing this might make it easier for you to estimate how shades would look on your skin, since some of them are pale but still show up on my skin tone.

These pictures are not edited and are taken in natural lighting.

The Soph x Revolution highlighter palette.

I think this palette has a nice variety of shades to play with. One has a pink sheen and one is purple/blue which were a lot more out of my comfort zone. The only shades I haven’t tested out on my face yet are the 3 darkest ones, which I absolutely love the looks of, but I think they are to dark for my complexion. They are not going to waste though because I’ll be sure to use them as eyeshadows, since they are beautifully pigmented.

All of the shades reflecting in the light.
All of the shades facing the camera.

The first 2 shades are probably the ones I’ve used the most so far since they suit my skin tone the best. I am also in love with the golden shades and it’s just amazing how nicely they blend on the skin.

First row of the Soph x Revolution highlighter palette.
Second row of the Soph x Revolution highlighter palette.

I’m still getting used to the rose one. It’s just something I still need to wear more. Pink shades are always a bit harder to get used to for me (same goes for pink lipsticks). You can also combine shades obviously, which I’m going to try out soon as well. I recently tried out the blue/purple shade and I was actually surprised! I didn’t think I would like it at all, but on my skin tone it didn’t look too blue at all! It was a beautiful highlighter and I’m sure I’ll use it again.

This palette costs €9,99 here in Belgium and is available at Kruidvat. Considering you get 8 shades for this price, it’s not expensive at all in my opinion and the colour pay-off is very good! It has already become my everyday highlighter palette since I’ve started testing it.

Have you tested this palette already? What is your opinion on it?

Love, Axelle

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