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Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog. This little space on the internet is a place where I like to share my thoughts with everyone who’s interested. Make sure to leave a comment if you liked what you read. It would mean a lot to me.

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Revolution Forever Flawless Decadent palette: swatches & closeup

Hello hello! Today I’m sharing a stunning palette with you. I ordered this a while ago on the Revolution website and I thought it looked so beautiful, I just couldn’t wait to start using it! Note: My skin is very pale, I mostly use the lightest shades of foundations, concealers, … on my face. Sharing …


Who is the person behind Elle Axelle?

What’s in a name

If I would try to change the name to an English version, the blog would be called something like ‘Her, Axelle’.

Living in Belgium, chances were low to be named after an English person. Well, technically I wasn’t named after anyone. My parents just thought ‘Axelle’ was a beautiful name. While many people told me it was a nice name, I wasn’t very happy with it. After 21 years, I accepted it is a part of me.

Here in Belgium, French and Dutch are spoken a lot. Depending on the area you live in, it differs. Kinda like Canada I guess, but slightly smaller. Me? I was born in a Dutch speaking area.

My name is pronounced like the word accelerate, but without the last part obviously. For any of you who might know Axelle Red, I also wasn’t named after her. My parents are not a fan of her at all. 😉

What I love

Currently, I am a student International Media and Business Entertainment (or IMEB in short) at a university-college. In the past I already studied Marketing and Digital Media Management. In addition to that, I am passionate about baking and also about chocolate. That’s why I decided to follow classes to become a chocolate maker. I learned how to make all things chocolate and I absolutely loved it.

Something I cannot miss in life are pets. Right now I have a fantastic bordercollie named Ruby and a gorgeous cat, Jago.

Another thing I am kinda obsessed about is makeup and beauty. This isn’t too different from many other girls I guess. Still, it is something that keeps me curious. There are always new products, new brands, … It is constantly changing.

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Love, Axelle


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